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    Democracy in crisis

    The Global Rights Index has tracked the key elements of workplace democracy for 10 years, including the right to establish and join a trade union, the right to collective bargaining, the right to strike, and the right to free speech and assembly, which together symbolise a healthy democracy.

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    Silencing the age of anger

    In 2023, workers were the first to suffer from the economic crisis, high inflation and staggering prices. Many united in collective actions to call for higher wages and a fairer redistribution of profits. However, their protests were often suppressed by the authorities, who resorted to excessive brutality to crack down on strikers or used illegal orders to prevent workers from gathering.

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    Legislative power

    Law-making is an effective and powerful instrument for social transformation and the protection of labour rights. In the last year, positive legal steps were taken in some countries to further advance workers’ rights and social progress. However, in other countries, governments passed regressive legislation that severely undermined basic rights at work.

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