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Workers' rights violations

Union busting

The Union of Teachers of the North Region in Portugal discovered that their notice boards were removed without their consent or knowledge and their location changed to a less visible place, just as the sector unions was preparing for a national strike call on 2 November 2022. The illegal removal of union notice boards, and the resulting lack of access of workers to union information, had a clear impact on workers’ participation in the strike. For the Union of Teachers of the North Region, this violation was preceded by anti-union discrimination measures, leading to the removal of the union leaders from school facilities.

Union busting

In Portugal, workers often did not disclose their union membership for fear of anti-union discrimination in their careers. The União Geral de Trabalhadores (UGT-P) reported increasing pressure from employers to discourage workers from joining trade unions, compounded by high levels of precarious employment and a large number of small enterprises.

Right to collective bargaining

In Portugal, employers often refused to negotiate or intentionally delayed negotiations without a valid motive, especially regarding wages.

Workers’ rights in law

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