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On 28 November 2022, Dariusz Kawka, leader of NSZZ "Solidarność" in IKEA Industry Poland Ltd. and a member of IKEA European Works Council, was dismissed from his job on disciplinary grounds without a notice period, despite his union activity, which protects him from dismissal without prior approval of the company’s trade union organisation. After an inspection by the State Labour Inspectorate, it was reported that the employer had grossly violated labour law. Despite the union exchanging letters with the employer, including the corporation’s board of directors, and many other actions to protect Dariusz Kawka from dismissal, the employer refused to reinstate him.

This union-busting tactic was also observed in other companies, such as Nexteer Automotive Poland and KCP Ltd.

Right to collective bargaining

In Poland, violations of collective bargaining rights by employers were extremely frequent, including undue delays, refusal to negotiate or to apply the provisions of an agreement, and unilateral termination of a collective agreement. At KCP Sp. z o.o, a motor vehicle parts manufacturer, management has refused to engage in collective bargaining with the company trade union for two years. Instead, the company started individual talks with selected people. Similar anti-union behaviour was seen in CEDC International Sp. z o.o. Polmos Białystok Branch, Therma Sp. z o.o, Distribev Ltd, and Stellantis Gliwice.

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