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Workers' rights violations

Right to free speech and assembly

On 12 May 2022, the Peruvian courts rejected a criminal complaint filed by Peruplast S.A. (AMCOR) on 22 February 2021 against the general secretary of the AMCOR Peru Plast Union, Víctor Inga Maza. The company had accused him of making “false statements” on the union’s Facebook page for publishing a Violation Report against PeruPlast S.A. The spurious accusation had no other aim than to restrict the freedom of expression of the trade union.


In Peru, the democratic protests, organised after the parliamentary coup and strongly supported by the coalition of trade unions, were heavily repressed by the police. As of February 2023, more than 60 people had lost their lives, while 2,000 more were injured and another 1,000 protesters were arrested. Trade unions, rural workers’ organisations and other civil society groups were illegally raided, as were universities throughout the country.

Trade unions also denounced the Boluarte government’s violent response to the protests and the various tactics used to prevent workers from protesting, such as a travel ban to the capital, the centre of the mass demonstrations, and refusal to sit down with trade unions for dialogue.

Union busting

On 19 July 2022, the Union of Entertainment, Casino and Allied Workers (SUTECA), officially filed its registration with the Peruvian Ministry of Labour. The following day, Cirsa and Dreams, two casino resorts, fired the nine members of the union’s board of directors. This dismissal occurred despite Cirsa’s earlier commitment to respect the right to unionise. Likewise, at least 22 workers from the casinos who had joined the new union were summarily dismissed.

Since August 2022, UNI Americas has tried to maintain a dialogue with Cirsa’s management for the reinstatement of the workers. However, no agreement has been reached. In November 2022, with the mediation of the Peruvian Ministry of Labour, Dreams agreed to reinstate the workers dismissed.

Dismissals for participating in strike action

In Peru, on 15 August 2022, workers affiliated with the Peruvian Mining Federation (FNTMMSP) held a work stoppage and demanded that Los Quenuales, a company owned by the multinational Glencore, comply with the collective bargaining agreement, and provide adequate minimum labour safety, health and nutrition requirements in the mining camps.

In response to the workers’ legitimate demands, the company suspended the workers’ monthly payments and carried out collective layoffs.

The workers marched to Lima. In view of the company’s repeated refusal to meet their demands, the FNTMMSP asked the competent authorities to immediately address the claims of the Los Quenuales mine workers. On 16 September, with the mediation of the Ministry of Labour, an agreement was reached between the parties and the dismissed leaders were reinstated in their workplace.

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