Systematic violations of rights

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Workers' rights violations

Right to civil liberties

In Cameroon, strike actions and demonstrations were often disrupted and broken up by police forces who used beatings, arrests and threats against striking workers. The Confédération des Syndicats Autonomes du Cameroun regularly denounced this use of excessive force.

Right to justice

In Cameroon, labour dispute cases often remained pending in courts for years, even decades, leaving workers without proper access to redress.

Union busting

In Cameroon, employers often resorted to union-busting practices to block the formation of independent trade unions. Such tactics included preventing trade unions from presenting candidates during the social elections, preventing trade union members from talking to the workers, and withholding union fees.

Dismissals for participating in strike action

Throughout 2022, trade unions in Cameroon denounced increased attempts to break strikes and collective actions. Employers often resorted to threats against workers who took part in strikes and imposed retaliatory measures, such as initiating disciplinary measures, dismissing strikers, and applying undue wage deductions.

Workers’ rights in law

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