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In early February 2023, Chile adopted a law granting a “right to restorative rest” for private health workers and pharmacy workers in recognition of their tireless work throughout the pandemic.

The law, which was backed by the Federación Nacional de Sindicatos del Sector Salud Privada (FENASSAP), will give 14 days of rest for all private sector workers who worked during the pandemic and can be used over a period of three years.

The Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated the already difficult working conditions of millions of care workers in Chile. In 2021, a law had introduced a ‘right to rest’. However, it only applied to public health sector workers and left out private sector workers who had worked in equally challenging circumstances.

Since then, FENASSAP has fought hard to ensure that their members in the private sector also received the right to rest, and after sustained pressure, their members will now receive the same entitlements.

Right to collective bargaining

On 27 May 2022, representatives of the Chilean Banking Confederation (CSTEBA) went to the Association of Banks (ABIF) to deliver a letter outlining the demands of bank workers and the subsequent lack of response from the Association. The CSTEBA previously raised concerns over hours and job cuts, as well as payments to workers in the sector. Despite the numerous attempts of the CSTEBA to initiate bargaining, ABIF continued to ignore the workers’ demands.

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