Repeated violations of rights

Worse than last year


Workers' rights violations


In 2021, Coca-Cola Uruguay imposed a restructuring to lay off sixteen workers in Montevideo and eighteen workers in the department of Salto. The company claimed that it would lay off those who had received a disciplinary sanction in the past. In reality, the company targeted only unionised workers in Salto.

The Coca-Cola Workers’ Union (STCC) tried to argue for their reinstatement during a 45-day negotiation, without reaching an agreement with Coca Cola. On 4 August 2021, the STCC unanimously resolved to go on strike for seven days.

Right to collective bargaining

In Uruguay, medical staff unions the Sindicato Médico del Uruguay (SMU), the Federación Médica del Interior (FEMI) and the Sindicato Anestésico Quirúrgico (SAQ) requested a tripartite meeting with employers’ representatives (IAMAC) and the ministry of labour in April 2021 to demand the implementation of the collective agreement that had been concluded only five months before, in December 2020. IAMAC (private sector medical companies in Montevideo and the interior), had reneged on their commitment to pay salary supplements to medical workers. Despite the unions’ efforts, employers persistently refused to comply with their obligations under the collective agreement.

Workers’ rights in law

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