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At the end of April 2021, AB InBev La Constancia, in El Salvador, one of the world's largest brewers, unjustly dismissed 32 workers, all members of the IUF-affiliated Constancia Workers' Union (SITRACONSTA). On 30 July 2021, the company fired 30 more unionised workers. The union requested the immediate reinstatement of the unjustly dismissed union members, recognition of the union and the commencement of collective bargaining. The company consistently refused to give way to bargaining, arguing that it did not have time because of its restructuring plans and pandemic coping measures.

Throughout 2021, La Constancia has maintained its anti-union policy of intimidating union members by telling them that layoffs are SITRACONSTA's responsibility and offering job security to workers who prove that they have resigned from the union.

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