Regular violations of rights

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Workers' rights violations


While shortly before, in June 2021, elections for employee delegates were held throughout the country, union members of the Webhelp and Sitel Group call centres in Morocco were unfairly dismissed. At Sitel, employees who had created a union office with the Union Marocaine des Travailleurs (UMT) were dismissed or suspended without pay. At Webhelp, employees attempting to form unions at various worksites faced intimidation and pressure from management.

Workers excluded from labour protections

In Morocco, certain categories of public employees were still denied the right to freedom of association, such as judges.

Right to collective bargaining

In the past year, violations of the right to collective bargaining have increased in Morocco, including targeted dismissals of union representatives and employers’ refusal to engage in collective bargaining. These anti-union measures had a chilling effect on workers’ capacity to defend their rights collectively and negatively impacted collective bargaining, which, as a result, was virtually absent in most companies and sectors. Previous commitments between the government and representatives of trade union confederations have been suspended without implementation.

Workers’ rights in law

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