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Dismissals for participating in strike action

Dockworkers in Liberia remained out of work for seven months after the management of APM Terminals Monrovia (APMT) suspended 24 employees and locked them out of the company’s facilities in October 2020 following their protest action over working conditions. With support from the Dock Workers’ Union (DOWUL), workers had been demanding better working conditions, including unpaid leave allowances, working hours, medical insurance and food allowance.

The struggle went on for over months, with many other workers supporting their suspended colleagues and echoing their demands.

On 21 April 2021, the Liberian Ministry of Labour announced its decision that APMT had “failed to prove its accusations against the 24 suspended workers” and called for the workers to be reinstated. APMT still refused to reinstate them, and on 4 May 2021 another letter from the Liberian minister of justice was sent, warning APMT to comply immediately and unconditionally with the government’s decision. On 7 May 2021, APMT finally conceded, and the workers returned to work with the clear understanding that the government expected APTM to seek to resolve all their concerns.

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