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On 20 May 2021, the police went to the home of Barry Abdoulaye, president of the Telecoms Union (FESATEL) in Guinea, at 2:45 a.m. and asked to enter. The doorman standing guard refused. The police told him to enter himself to look for a member of Mr Abdoulaye's family to talk to the police. After the doorman refused again, the police finally left the premises. This incident occurred as FESATEL expressed its opposition to the Guinean government's plan to impose a tax on all mobile phone calls in the country, which would have negative repercussions on investments of mobile phone companies and eventually on employment.


Since October 2020, Amadou Diallo and Alhassane Diallo, respectively secretary general and deputy secretary general of the Sheraton Grand Conakry workers' union, have been seeking reinstatement after their anti-union dismissal. Despite international solidarity campaigns and a complaint to the ILO, the management of the hotel has stubbornly opposed their reinstatement.

Workers of the Sheraton Grand Conakry, which is the largest hotel in Guinea, began organising in March 2019 in response to low wages, unpaid overtime and an absence of healthcare provisions. The lengthy unionisation process ended with the successful union election on 11 February 2020. Throughout this time, hotel management tried all possible means to stop the election, and in a blatant union-bashing move, resorted to unfairly dismissing the two union leaders.

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