Repeated violations of rights

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Workers' rights violations


In November 2021, EasyJet gravely interfered in the union elections at its Barcelona (Spain) centre by dismissing the CC.OO. representative. This anti-union dismissal had no other motive but to thwart union growth in the company.

Right to collective bargaining

In 2021, the Union of Construction and Services of Comisiones Obreras of Cádiz in Spain denounced the repeated breaches of the collective agreement committed by the company ITELYMP, the company in charge of cleaning the facilities of the University of Cádiz. The last breach concerned provisions on leave which the company had unilaterally reduced by two days. Despite the union’s request, the company did not modify its position.

Additionally, ITELYMP elaborated an equality plan without consulting the union representatives.

Workers’ rights in law

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