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    Democracy in crisis

    The Global Rights Index has tracked the key elements of workplace democracy for eight years, including the right to establish and join a trade union, the right to collective bargaining and the right to strike as well as the right to free speech and assembly, which symbolises a healthy democracy. In many countries, COVID-19 has been used as a pretext to curb free speech.

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    Surveillance of workers

    Surveillance work without judicial authorisation and without knowledge of trade union organisations and their representatives violates freedom of association and protection of workers’ representatives, as per ILO Conventions Numbers 87 and 98. It is also a serious attack on individual freedoms and personal security. The increased level of surveillance by governments and companies of individuals is an ever-growing threat to human and labour rights.

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    Legislative power

    The ITUC analysis of workers’ rights in law of 149 countries profiled in the 2021 Global Rights Index provides a unique insight into national laws and practice. Law-making is an effective and powerful instrument for social transformation and the protection of labour rights. Legislative power can be used for both repression and reform. While the balance in 2021 tips towards repression the power of legislation is key for maintaining and progressing workers’ rights.

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