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In Italy, Amazon warehouses were under surveillance, as the company analysed "security risks" including “labour organisation and trade union presence”. Data collected included the number of attendees at each protest, how well strikes were followed and even whether leaflets were being handed out. Other intelligence activities included the creation of fake social media profiles to investigate employees leading protests and infiltrating Facebook groups.


On 31 December 2020, the Court of Bologna in Italy considered that the purportedly objective algorithm, developed by food-delivery platform Deliveroo to allocate orders, discriminated against riders who took strike action and therefore ordered the company to pay damages to the trade unions that had initiated the case. The court found it to be the conscious choice of management to subordinate riders through a discriminatory reputational system which downgrades in the same way, without distinction, both those who are absent for trivial reasons and those who abstain from delivery due to exercising the right to strike. The court therefore considered that the evaluation model adopted by Deliveroo was the result of the conscious choice of the company to privilege the availability of the rider and to penalise couriers who exercised their right to strike.

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